October 26, 2007

I visited the Korean altar in Mt. Mani, Ganghwa Island at the National Foundation Day

At the last Gaecheonjeol (National Foundation Day), I visited Mt. Mani in Ganghwa Island.

I could see the Gaecheonjeol ceremony by good luck. That ceremony is extraordinary thing, so I post some pictures of it.

This picture was taken from below Chamseongdan (the altar).

This is Chamseongdan. Lots of hikers were waiting for the ceremony.

They were preparing the religious service. People who wear the traditional costumes are from Sungkyunkwan (an education institute established in 1398) and local assembly.

This is south view of Ganghwa Island from the near Chamseongdan.

The seven Seonnyeo (Korean nymph) came downstairs. Someone said that they were chosen from Gangwha Women's High School every year. They seemed to have practice the ceremony very much.

A helicopter from MBC. It seemed to be here for broadcasting. ^^

The seven Seonnyeo stood in just fromt of me fortunately~. ^^

Now, here comes a helicopter from KBS. ^^;;

The seven Seonnyeo began to walk upstairs.

They seemed to practice this ceremony very much. They went upstairs with very soft steps. ~ ^^

They showed us a beautiful dance with round fans.

Threr was a event of the sacred fire. ~ ^^;; I hope you have good luck and enjoy good health from now on.

At last, a helicopter from SBS came here.

After the official ceremony, people went upstairs to see Chamseongdan at close hand.

The legned says that Chamseongdan was built by the age of Dangun. But it was repaired and maintained at the age of Joseon Dynasty and Republic of Korea. I was exited when I realized that my ancestors had took care of this place for the thousand years.

Wow. The secret of Seonnyeo is a helicopter. They may had riden on this helicopter from the bottom to the top of this mountain. ~ ^^

Chanseongdan is normally a restricted area. But there are special days when vistors can enter Chamseongdan. One is Gaecheonjeol (3rd October) and the New Year's Day (31th December and 1st January).

The top area of Chamseongdan is quite small, it may be 10 meters by 10 meters.

As there a lots of visitors in opening days, you have to be there very early in the morning if you want to visit.

Bonus !!

A hellicopter from MBC has an automatic TV camera system on its side.

KBS has an automatic TV camera system on its bottom.

But a camera man of SBS shoud hold TV camera on his shoulder. So sad. :-)

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